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Couple blasted after they issued 15 rules for guests attending their wedding

Couple blasted after they issued 15 rules for guests attending their wedding..ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.

A couple preparing to tie the knot issued their wedding guests a list of 15 bizarre rules to follow on the big day.

A guest shared the wedding rules on Reddit.

The rules – neatly presented on invites with a black background and champagne bubbles – instruct attendees on how to comport themselves during the ceremony.

The extensive list read:

1. This is [name blurred] and [name blurred]’s big day, not yours.

2. Do not get in the photographers’ way.

3. The attire is BLACK and/or GOLD, not blue, red, green and definitely NO WHITE.

4. Do not rearrange seats, we have a seating plan for a reason.

5. If you didn’t put out any money for the wedding, keep your would’ve, should’ve, could’ve to yourself. Your opinion is irrelevant.

6. Pace yourself when drinking.

7. No big announcements or proposals.

8. If you can’t handle or dislike the music being played, simply go home. This is a celebration, not a funeral.

9. This is a ‘Taking over for the 99′ and 2000’s’ type of event, so there will be twerking.

10. Use #[blurred out] when posting pics.

11. Do not sit down all night.

12. No outside liquor. If caught, you will be escorted out.

13. Refer back to rule #1.

14. The bride and groom said what they said!

15. Turn ALLLL the way up!

Couple blasted after they issued 15 rules for guests attending their wedding

Responding to the list, other Reddit users slammed the bride and groom and insisted they would have “declined” the invite.

“Honestly, the dress code is enough for me to politely decline,” one person responded. “I don’t mind suggestions as far as cocktail wear, Sunday best, etc. But as a guest I’m not buying a new wardrobe for a wedding. Especially, if I never wear one of only two colours allowed.

Another agreed: “I wouldn’t go either. Most of those rules are common sense but if you have to type them out for people, then you’re kind of an AH [a**hole]. And no, I don’t want to see anyone twerking. Since I don’t dance, I probably would be sitting all night.”

A third raged: “This is insane. If your guests suck so much they have to be told not to wear white or propose, maybe you need better friends. The drinking/music selection should be communicated to vendors and staff and handled by them.

“But these are your guests – maybe don’t reprimand them like naughty children before any life-ending offence is committed? God forbid the wrong song gets played or somebody doesn’t sit in the seat assigned by the bridal overlords.”

Other users explained, however, that while none of the demands were particularly unreasonable, it was the aggressive nature of the wording in the list that caused offence….Continue The Full Reading.>’. 

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