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Coups Can’t Succeed Without Politicians – Abdulsalami - UTWEETS
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Coups Can’t Succeed Without Politicians – Abdulsalami

In an exclusive interview with The Sun Newspaper, Abubakar, Nigeria’s last military ruler, discussed the recent wave of military coups in West Africa, including the takeover in Niger...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Abdulsalami, who played a pivotal role in Nigeria’s transition to democracy, highlighted the conditions that facilitate military interventions in politics.

“When you are in government and there is no equity and justice, certainly this brings problems,” he stated, pointing out the internal discord within political parties and a lack of democratic practices as primary catalysts.

The former leader’s comments come in the wake of the military coup in Niger last year, which saw the ousting of democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum.

Abdulsalami was actively involved in negotiations on behalf of ECOWAS, which initially imposed sanctions on Niger following the coup.

However, as ECOWAS adjusted its stance, Niger had already sought alliances with other countries that experienced similar governmental disruptions.

Highlighting the role of civilian stakeholders in such takeovers, Abdulsalami noted, “There is no military man that takes over without the connivance and assistance of politicians and civilians.”

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