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Customs Takes Action To Stop Nuclear Material Smuggling




The Nigeria Customs Service has revealed plans to embark on a radiological and nuclear detection programme aimed at fortifying the nation’s security against the smuggling of nuclear materials.

Comptroller-general of Customs, Adewale Adeniyi announced the new plan during the inauguration of a 4-Day Capacity Building Workshop organized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) at the Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College, Gwagwalada on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.

Representing the CGC at the workshop, assistant comptroller-general Malanta Yusuf highlighted the programne’s significance, expressing optimism that it would provide participants with the technical expertise needed to detect and combat the illicit trafficking of radiological and nuclear materials.

The move is expected to enhance cross-border security, exposing participants to operational challenges while fostering a deeper understanding of the multifaceted roles involved in this innovative approach.

He commended the concerted efforts of the Customs leadership, emphasizing the commitment to innovation as a critical element in improving the Service’s overall performance. He underscored the importance of training organized by the WCO, ensuring that Officers benefit from cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

“We are trying to make sure that such trainings organized by the World Customs Organization benefits our Officers because clearly, the Comptroller-General has put too much effort into ensuring that innovation is one of the key elements,” said Yusuf.

The Nigeria Customs Service radiation safety officer, Nafi’u Abubakar praised the CGC’s decisive approval of the Radiological and Nuclear Detection Programme (RANDA).

Abubakar highlighted the initiative’s rarity on a global scale, positioning Nigeria as one of the first countries to domestically implement this groundbreaking project.

He emphasised that the program’s significance extends beyond its novelty, foreseeing substantial benefits for the Nigeria Customs Service.

“The training was truly remarkable, and its benefits will undoubtedly enhance the Nigeria Customs Service – and one of the pivotal roles it will play is that it will advance the Customs’ capabilities,” Nafi’u said.

As the Customs service gears up to tackle nuclear smuggling through cutting-edge techniques, the commendation from a seasoned expert like Dr. Sambo underscores the potential transformative effects of this strategic initiative.

Director of radiological safety at the Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Dr. Isa Sambo

hailed the Adeniyi’s timely training approval, recognizing its potential to eliminate border crimes and enhance the nation’s capability to tackle emerging threats effectively…..CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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