Davido allegedly sacks his lawyer, Bobo Ajudua

Davido allegedly sacks his lawyer, Bobo Ajudua...Continue The Full Reading.

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer David Adedeji Adeleke, known professionally as Davido, has allegedly sacked his lawyer, Bobo Ajudua.

This claim was made by an online influencer who shared a chat of his with an unidentified source alleging that the lawyer of the said singer has been sacked.

Davido allegedly sacks his lawyer, Bobo Ajudua
Nigerian singer, Davido.

Meanwhile, Bobo Ajudua is the only known and identified legal representative of the said singer, and as of the time of writing this report, he hasn’t made any official statement regarding the alleged claim of being sacked.

Also, Davido hasn’t announced or hinted on his media page that his lawyer, Bobo Ajudua, has been sacked.

The claim is yet to be confirmed or dismissed by the said singer, Davido, or the allegedly sacked lawyer Bobo Ajudua, leaving many individuals to share their thoughts on the claim in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

@charlesmore25: “Yes, he sàck him yesterday at the house. Well goodluck to him.”

@phildubem: “Be like say this him lawyer get issues with plenty people cos of the replies I’m seeing, was he that badd or is this just one of those bandwagon thing where everyone says yes to the trend?”

@daniels_osi: “Shey na the lawyer dey tweet all those totoux begging videos abi na the lawyer cause him and Wizkid quarrel?”

@DareHardy09: “Everyday Davido this Davido that ‍♂️‍♂️ I don tire for 001 with different silly news update.”

@AjibolaFaisol01: “The Davido I know will never sack, he’ll rather unfollow him on instagram.”...Continue The Full Reading.>’.


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