Desecrating Ochanja Water Fountain In Onitsha

Desecrating Ochanja Water Fountain In Onitsha...Continue The Full Reading.

The video of an obviously sponsored and amateurish drama at Ochanja Roundabout Water Fountain where a water vendor is pretending to supply water to the supposedly dry fountain is mischievous and not well thought through.

For lack of what to discredit and denounce the publicly acclaimed hard working Governor of Anambra State, opposition politicians have gone bazerk in orchestrating all manner of infantile images to drive none existent point.

Unlike the ordinary tap which flows from the tank that could be depleted over time, a water fountain recycles its water continously and the one in question, installed barely a month ago
couldn’t have evaporated into the air.

Secondly, the Anambra State Ministry of Power and Water Resources have reticulated water within five kilometres radius of the neighbourhood and there is no way water supply to the Ochanja Roundabout Water Fountain could have been a challenge.

Government frowns at the unwarranted tampering and possible vandalization of public utilities built with tax payers money.

Anybody found tampering or defacing or damaging the roundabout and fountain or any road infrastructure from now on will be immediately arrested and prosecuted.

People should desist from making themselves available for a useless propaganda that could land them in jail.…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

This is the last warning.

Commissioner for Information,
Anambra State.
May 13, 2024

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