Destiny Etiko won’t like this – Reactions trail Luchy Donalds’ loved-up video with Zubby Michael

Destiny Etiko won’t like this – Reactions trail Luchy Donalds’ loved-up video with Zubby Michael...Continue The Full Reading.

A trending video of Zubby Michael and Luchy Donalds sharing tender moments has become a hot topic online, sparking conversations and drawing attention from netizens.

Their heartfelt exchange in the video has caught the interest of many and is generating quite a buzz across social media platforms.Also Read: CLICK THE LINK, THE FULL VIDEO IS HERE ]

Certain online observers have speculated about Destiny Etiko’s reaction to the affectionate display between Zubby Michael and Luchy Donalds, given the reported rivalry between Etiko and Donalds and Destiny’s closeness to Zubby.

Nollywood movies stars Zubby Michael and Luchy Donalds recently reignited online chatter with their heartwarming reunion, showcasing a delightful interaction that has piqued curiosity among fans and social media users alike.

In the viral videos, Luchy and Zubby displayed genuine excitement upon meeting again, their happiness palpable to all who watched. Zubby couldn’t help but shower Luchy with compliments about her beauty, eliciting blushes and laughter from her in response to his playful gestures.

A notable moment in the video unfolded when Luchy playfully turned her back to Zubby, giving her bum a slight shake that captivated him and prompted more enthusiastic compliments from Zubby.

Before Zubby drove away from what seemed to be a film set, the two movie stars shared a warm hug, concluding their encounter with promises to stay in touch via phone.


As anticipated, the video stirred reactions among netizens who flocked to social media to express their delight over the affectionate moments between Zubby Michael and Luchy Donalds.

Amid the gushing comments, some playful netizens teased about Destiny Etiko, a very close colleague of Zubby Michael rumored to have a rivalry with Luchy Donalds, possibly not appreciating the loved-up moment between them.


Meanwhile, a recently surfaced video capturing Zubby Michael and Ifedi Sharon exchanging warm smiles and cozy moments has ignited a firestorm on social media, eliciting intense excitement among their devoted fanbase.Also Read: CLICK THE LINK, THE FULL VIDEO IS HERE ]

The release of this clip coincides with swirling speculations suggesting Zubby’s engagement to Sharon and the ensuing buzz surrounding potential wedding plans....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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