Diddy files to dismiss Jane Doe’s lawsuit against him

Diddy files to dismiss Jane Doe’s lawsuit against him...Continue The Full Reading.

Music executive Diddy has filed a counter-lawsuit, asking a judge to toss a Jane Doe’s lawsuit which alleges sexual misconduct against him.

The lady invoked Cassie’s name in her complaint and interestingly enough, is represented by the same lawyers. She claimed she met Bad Boy Prez Harve Pierre “Diddy” in 2003 out in Detroit, only to be flown to NYC to Diddy’s studio, where she alleges she met Diddy, got plied with alcohol and drugs and got gang raped. She attached photos of the alleged meetup.

In the court document obtained by TMZ, Diddy’s attorneys want Jane Doe’s lawsuit, which she alleges she was violated by Diddy and others at the age of 17 back in 2003, dismissed with prejudice. According to the lawyers, the statute of limitations on the statute she’s suing under has elapsed.

Diddy’s attorneys also pointed out that the lady didn’t include many pertinent details outside of her alleged assault. They said this makes her claims paper thin and not worthy of being heard. They also insisted her allegations never happened.

They also said the fact she slapped a “trigger warning” on her original lawsuit, something they claim was likely done to drum up attention to the salacious nature of her claims, is completely without merit.

The music executives’ lawyers wrote;

“The sparse amendments to the original Complaint cannot remedy the falsehoods and incurable defects in the new pleading. Like the original Complaint, it fails to state any viable claim and must be dismissed.

“Plaintiff cannot allege what day or time of year the alleged incident occurred, yet purports to miraculously recall the most prurient details with specificity. Accordingly, this case should be dismissed now, with prejudice, to protect the Combs Defendants from further reputational injury and before more party and judicial resources are squandered.”…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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