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DO YOU REMEMBER THIS INCIDENT? How Netizens Express Total Sh0ck As Ghanaian Pastor Bathes Female Church Members In Public? (VIDEO)

The social media space was set agog with the trending video of a Ghanaian pastor bathing his female church members during a service session...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The man, preaching in an incomprehensible local dialect was vigorously washing the body privates of women who sat compliantly in a basin before him.

As he finishes, his assistant who sat beside him passes him the bottled anointing oil which he pours between the ladies’ thighs while spouting what sounded like prayers.

The cameraman was careful not to reveal the female bodies safe for their backs but everything was visible to the pastor and his cohort who also pat dry and wrapped the women with towels when done.

This action was not forced on the women as they cheered him on, chanting “amen” from time to time, and eagerly awaiting their turn for the ritual bath.

Comments on the video were chaotically busy as netizens were shocked by the crude display of foolishness and ignorance. Read some:

@abiodunbakare36: End time church

@official.pek1: This church should be banned because children attending that church might think that’s how the churches roll and they’ll believe nothing else buh this guy…

@mallansamuel_a: These people should be arrested and put behind bars.

See the video below,

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