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Doctor Debunks Dispelling Myths About Shoulder Pain You Thought Were True

Common complaints of shoulder pain can range from little discomfort to painful, fatal pain. Many factors can lead to it, including trauma, overuse, or underlying illnesses like tendinitis or arthritis. Common signs of shoulder pain include soreness, stiffness, and a restricted range of motion in the shoulder joint.

However, do you know that myths related to shoulder pain often move around, developing false beliefs about its causes and remedies? A common misconception is that shoulder discomfort exclusively stems from aging; nevertheless, it can impact individuals of all ages for a variety of causes, including overuse or injury. Another myth is that the best way to manage shoulder pain is to lie down; in actuality, though, physical therapy and mild exercise are frequently more beneficial in accelerating healing and reducing stiffness.

In a conversation with Jagran English Dr. Chintan Desai, who is an orthopedic shoulder surgeon at Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai, we discussed dispelling myths about shoulder pain that you thought were true.

According to Dr. Chintan, “shoulder pain is a widespread problem that can cause severe limitations for individuals. Even a small movement of the shoulder can invite intense discomfort, making simple tasks such as brushing hair, getting dressed, picking up things, lifting objects, or reaching for items challenging and painful. This not only affects physical abilities but also has a significant impact on mental well-being and daily activities. Despite its prevalence, misconceptions about shoulder pain often instill unnecessary fear and deter individuals from seeking proper treatment. It is essential to dispel these myths surrounding shoulder pain to reclaim your quality of life and pursue your interests unhindered. Uncover the reality behind common misunderstandings about shoulder pain.”

5 Myths And Facts About Shoulder Pain

Myth 1: Shoulder pain is a common occurrence and will go away on its own.

Fact: It’s important not to ignore signs of instability or unusual sounds like popping or grinding in the shoulder. Taking prompt action is essential, as untreated shoulder pain can worsen and restrict movement. Seeking timely help can help restore shoulder mobility effectively.

Myth 2: Shoulder pain happens only to people with an active lifestyle.

Fact: Although physically strenuous occupations may result in shoulder pain and injuries, individuals leading a more sedentary lifestyle are also prone to developing this condition. Those with a less active way of life face an increased likelihood of suffering from shoulder pain.

Myth 3: Shoulder pain is synonymous with osteoarthritis.

Fact: Shoulder pain is not always indicative of osteoarthritis, contrary to popular belief. Various conditions, such as fibromyalgia, tendinitis, and bursitis, can manifest similar symptoms and result in shoulder discomfort. Seeking a precise diagnosis from a specialist is crucial to creating a tailored treatment strategy for the individual.

Myth 4: It is impossible to get rid of shoulder pain, and performing daily activities will be challenging throughout life.

Fact: This statement is completely false. Shoulder injuries are not permanent and can be promptly treated or managed with medical interventions and physiotherapy.

Myth 5: Shoulder pain becomes severe during the rainy season.

Fact: Many patients believe there is a strong relationship between shoulder pain and the rainy season, but there are no studies or research to confirm the same. Do not believe in any such rumors or messages forwarded on social media. It is better to consult an expert and get all your doubts cleared.

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