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Doctor warns of ‘very popular’ skincare trend ‘damaging your skin’ – 5 ‘mistakes’ to avoid



Many spend more money than they’d like to admit on skincare products in the quest to achieve clear, youthful-looking skin.

Even though beauty enthusiasts would justify that there’s no harm in it, what really hurts is when skin ends up getting damaged even after using those expensive serums and moisturisers.

Sometimes, the reason for it lies with our common lifestyle factors like stress and hormonal imbalance, but other times, it’s the common skincare mistakes people make unknowingly.

Speaking to, Dr Dave Reilly, skincare scientist at Absolute Collagen, has shared five “skincare mistakes to avoid” that have been forced on people by social media.

He explained: “With rapidly growing content on social media, women have access to more advice than ever before.

“Skincare hacks have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with influencers and TikTok trends, amongst others, all sharing skincare ideas.

“But this can lead to mistakes in our skincare routines. We recommend some simple steps to help avoid such mistakes.”
1. Not doing a patch test

Even with extensive safety testing, the doctor claimed that it is possible that some products “may contain skin irritants or allergens” that can have a negative effect.

To avoid this, try out a small amount of a new product on a small area of the skin to ensure it does not cause the skin to react. Keep the product on for 12 to 24 hours or overnight. If the skin turns red or itchy after the time is up then the product is not the right fit.
2. Not wearing SPF

One of the most common skincare mistakes is to skip out on an SPF product, especially when using certain skincare ingredients.

The doctor said: “Some ingredients such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) can” increase sun sensitivity” so “always use” with an SPF 30 suncream.

Exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to early signs of ageing. UVA rays from the sun are known to penetrate through windows and can get absorbed in the skin which can result in early signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

It’s best to use a mineral-based sunscreen that is SPF 30 or above to keep the skin protected from harmful rays.
3. Not researching trends

The expert urged that those who find a skincare trend online that they like should spend some more time checking it out before trying it out.

Dr Dave said: “For example, the skin-flooding trend has recently been very popular. The trend involves applying layers of multiple products to provide deeper and longer-lasting hydration.

“However, skincare experts are warning that this trend could in fact be damaging your skin. It is worth researching both sides of the story before you try (or not).”
4. Using topical products on uncleansed skin

Before applying topical products, it is recommended to cleanse and tone thoroughly to prepare the skin by ensuring the removal of residue.

For those who fail to do this, they may find that the residue on their skin “may interact with the ingredients in the product and cause problems”.
5. Using out of date products

The ingredients and chemical structure of skincare, particularly topical products, can spoil over time, which can not only cause them to be ineffective but can also damage the skin.

The expert urged: “Do not use topical products that are out of date as this can lead to adverse skin reactions.”

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