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Drama As Man Buried Alive Resurfaces, Storms Assembly Against His Brother

A startling confrontation unfolded at the Anambra State House of Assembly last week as Chief Olisa Igbonwa, previously believed to have been ceremonially buried alive by his kinsmen in Alor, resurfaced to confront his elder brother, Chief Uzoma Igbonwa.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Lawmakers and assembly workers were taken aback as the two brothers faced off within the hallowed chamber of the legislature.

Speaking on the incident, an eyewitness recounted, “Their quarrel stemmed from Olisa’s demand for certain property documents belonging to their late father, which his brother allegedly concealed from his siblings.”

Olisa also accused his brother of failing to repay a substantial sum of $45,000 allegedly sent to him during his stay in Switzerland years ago.

The confrontation occurred amidst a backdrop of a prolonged Igweship crisis in Alor, with the community divided over support for rival traditional rulers.

Following the chaos at the House of Assembly, Olisa’s brother accused Igwe Mac-Anthony Okonkwo of orchestrating an attack against him at the legislative premises. However, the petition presented against Igwe Mac-Anthony Okonkwo was dismissed by the assembly, with a stern warning against spreading rumors.

This dramatic turn of events unfolded as the Anambra State Assembly House Committee on Public Petitions convened to address a pending petition regarding the issue of traditional rulership in Alor.

A reliable source revealed, “It was the first time the people of Alor community were seeing Olisa Igbonwa since his ceremonial burial in 2022.”

The community’s Igweship tussle had polarized the brothers, with each supporting opposing candidates. Their strained relationship escalated when Olisa demanded certain property documents, leading to his alignment with an opposing faction in the Igweship dispute.

Amidst these complexities, the Alor Peace and Reconciliation Committee indicted the Igbonwa-led group for rejecting a harmonized selection supervised by the Anambra State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in February 2022, exacerbating the town’s longstanding crisis.

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