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Drivers can invalidate their car insurance by travelling during heatwave this weekend

Motorists can invalidate their car insurance by driving recklessly in hot weather, according to experts.

Motorcycle Insurance warns road users may find their policy doesn’t cover damages if reckless driving is believed to have contributed to an accident during a heatwave.

They warn that extreme heat can affect road conditions and vehicle performance which means reckless driving can increase the likelihood of crashes.

Instead, road users have been urged to “adjust their driving habits” to the weather conditions to make sure they stay in control.

Matthew Stokes, Specialist Insurance manager from Motorcycle Insurance has demanded motorists drive “responsibly” to minimise potential risks to their agreement.

He explained: “During the scorching summer heat, it’s crucial to remember that driving with caution is not just a matter of comfort but also a matter of safety and insurance coverage.

“As a car insurance expert, I cannot stress enough the importance of adjusting your driving habits to the prevailing weather conditions. Extreme heat can take a toll on your vehicle’s performance and exacerbate potential risks on the road.

“By maintaining a vigilant mindset and practising responsible driving, you not only safeguard yourself and others but also help ensure that your insurance coverage remains intact.

“So, keep your ‘cool’ behind the wheel, stay hydrated, and drive attentively, because a little caution under the summer sun can go a long way in protecting your safety and insurance peace of mind.”

The fresh warning comes as temperatures continue to rise across the UK with hot weather expected all weekend.

Maps from WXCharts show temperatures remaining above 20C across the weekend with highs of around 23C.

However, conditions will improve next week with Met Office suggesting temperatures could reach 24C from Wednesday.

Temperatures could rise to 27C by August 19 according to long-range forecasts.

According to Compare the Market, insurance providers are unlikely to pay out for incidents where it is determined motorists were wound up behind the wheel.

They said: “If your road rage caused you to drive carelessly or dangerously, and led to an accident, then your insurance provider is unlikely to pay for any damage to your car.

“They may even seek damages from you, to pay for any costs they have incurred to pay for third-party damage.

“Any road rage accidents you cause will also probably lead to higher car insurance premiums in the future. Depending on how serious the incident is, it could lead to points on your licence, a driving ban or even a criminal conviction.”

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