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‘Each Time A Kidnapper Uses A Phone To Communicate, The Device Connects To A Cell Tower’ – According to Col Labo




Colonel Hassan Stan Labo, a retired military officer, has suggested using geotagging techniques as a technology tool to track and monitor terrorists’, bandits’, and kidnappers’ communication activities. According to him, every time a kidnapper makes a call, the phone connects to a nearby cell tower and creates a unique digital trail. He pointed out that kidnappers frequently use contemporary smartphones that have GPS integrated in, which improves position tracking accuracy.

He stated further that Geotagging efficiently harnesses this wealth of data to precisely determine and pinpoint the geographical location of the phone being used by the Kidnapper.

He said in an interview with The Sun, ”Interestingly, the use of geotagging techniques is a means by which technology could be applied in tracking down communication by terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers. Each time a Kidnapper uses a phone to communicate, the device connects to a nearby cell tower, which leaves a digital footprint. Modern smartphones, often used by kidnappers, have built-in GPS capabilities, which further enhances the accuracy of location tracking. Geotagging utilizes this data to pinpoint the location of the phone.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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