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Each Time Bandits Heard Military In The Bush, They Would Remove Chains And Push Us In Holes- According to Jibril Abdullah

Jibril Abdullah, one of the abducted victims from the Unguwar Liman, Gwada community of Igabi Local Government Area, was quoted in a Daily Trust report as saying that bandits would take off their chains whenever they heard military personnel were in the bush and force them into holes near rivers until the soldiers left the forest.

He clarified the strategies used by their kidnappers to avoid being discovered by the military. This is the result of being held captive for more than 60 days.

Jibril mentioned that when the military troops are in the woods, the bandits use their walkie-talkies to communicate.

Jibril Abdullah said in his statement, “Each time they (bandits) heard or sensed that the military were in the bush, they would remove the chains on us and push us into holes near the river until the military left the forest.

They are armed and use walkie-talkie to communicate, especially when they hear that the military is in the bush.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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