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Eight (8) Beautiful Pool Landscaping Ideas You Should Consider

Whether you have just installed an above-ground or in-ground pool, or are simply looking to update your backyard space, there are endless options for landscaping projects. From perfectly balanced combinations of a hardscape (patios) and a softscape (flora and fauna), you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

That said, there are a few things to consider when landscaping around a pool. Avoid thorny plants, such as rose bushes, which might be too close for a swimmer’s comfort, as well as plants that attract bees, like bee balm, and also plants that have an invasive root system that might damage a pool, like Japanese knotweed. Of course, your lawn should be a good distance from the pool to prevent grass clippings from flying into the water, as should trees that shed their leaves each fall.

With the logistics out of the way, learn about some of the best pool landscaping ideas to turn your backyard area into an oasis you will want to escape to each day.

Complimentary Colors

When adding plantings around your pool, consider shades and flowers that pair well with blue, which is commonly the color of a pool! Purples, greens, and tones of blue are like colors, meaning they are complimentary and great for adding texture to your yard. Great options include the breathtaking plumes of hydrangeas, the lengthy foliage of hostas, and the delicate stems of lavender. Colors that juxtapose blue, like orange, red, and yellow, are a great way to add dimension to your space. Flowers in warmer shades include the trumpet-shaped blooms of hibiscus, the cheery yellow of sunflowers, and the vibrant orange tiger lily.

Pretty Pond

If you want your pool to look like a natural portion of your garden, consider techniques that will make it resemble a pond! This is an especially realistic choice if you have a smaller pool. Look for natural stone tiles for the deck and walkway, as well as the stairs and launch pad for the pool. Plants like water lilies and yellow flag irises are often found in natural ponds, adding to the aesthetic, but they even act as natural filtration systems to keep your pool clean! Installation of a waterfall is a great way to add that extra wow factor.

Tropical Paradise

If you want your pool area to feel like a tropical paradise, look for tropical plants to decorate with, such as bird of paradise, monstera plants, and vining pothos. Bamboo and natural wood furniture with light tones for cushions are ideal for creating a light, airy, tropical look, alongside wood floorboards. Terracotta and woven pots will add the final touch for that picture-perfect landscape.

Lounge Around

A pool area cannot be complete without a few chairs for lounging. Whether you are exhausted after an exhilarating swim and need to chill out, want to relax along the shore while the kids splash about, or simply love to tan after some fun in the sun, there is no going wrong with a few loungers on the patio. So, when planning the landscaping around your pool, be sure to plug in a spot for lounge chairs! Bonus points if you add a tree or pergola to provide a little extra shade.

Basically the Beach

If you want every day at the pool to feel like a day at the beach, your dreams are achievable! The first step is opting for a pool design that has a natural shape and “beach-entry,” where users essentially walk straight into the shallow end, similar to the shore of the beach. Bringing sand in can be expensive and messy, though it is the best way to create that beach look. Still, you can opt for a beige stone or concrete instead for a similar, more natural look. Consider adding details such as a palm tree, a tiki-like structure, and a hammock or lounge area, which are all reminiscent of resorts and beach areas.

Privacy Hedges

If you want to make your backyard more private, consider adding privacy hedges around your pool. Late cotoneaster is one of the best options for year-round interest and privacy, reaching 13 feet in height with white flowers in the summer, red berries in the fall, and green foliage all throughout the year. Arctic willow is more neutral, with silvery-green fine-textured foliage with a rounded growth habit, reaching 10 to 15 feet in height. Oakleaf hydrangea, reaching between 6 and 12 feet tall, is a showstopping option, boasting breathtaking pinnacle-shaped clusters of white flowers during the summer, and year-round foliage for all-year privacy.

Floral Border

In place of fences and hedges, bright colors and gorgeous textures are ideal for bordering your precious pool area. Some of the best flowers for bordering a pool are low-maintenance and love lots of sunlight, though they should tolerate some shade if you are using an umbrella or other structure. Some great options include the brightly colored rhododendron, showstopping fuchsia flowers, and pretty periwinkle.

Gorgeous Greenery

Greenery is a great addition to your garden, but tall greenery is especially ideal if you have an above-ground pool, or even a stock tank pool! Once you install a deck or ladder area, surround the remaining sides of the pool with tall-growing shrubs, ornamental grasses, and beautiful bushes to add texture and dimension. Some great options include butterfly bush, mock orange, and pink muhly grass.

Dive Into These Landscaping Ideas!

Landscaping around a pool requires practical consideration alongside artful design. When choosing how you will design your backyard and pool area, consider what matters most to you, such as shade, walkways, and picturesque views. Avoid structures and plants that won’t work well for your needs, such as trees that shed their leaves often, hedges that block a view of the pool when you need to watch the kids, and plants that might attract bugs and bees which might hinder your experience in the pool.

When all is said and done, your backyard is sure to be a vision!

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