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EIU Stakeholders Writes Gov Soludo, Faults Commissioner On Factional Interest - UTWEETS

EIU Stakeholders Writes Gov Soludo, Faults Commissioner On Factional Interest

Key branch leaders saddled with the responsibility to wade into and address communal matters in line with the constitution of Eziowelle Improvement Union on Monday despatched a petition to the Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The branch leaders in the letter expressed lack of confidence in the style of inviting major stakeholders by the Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy & Community Affairs, Hon. TonyCollins Nwabunwanne, hence their appeal to the governor to take appropriate actions and decision on the matter.

His Excellency,
Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo
The Executive Governor,
Anambra State,
Government House,

Your Excellency,


“Justice delayed is justice denied”. -William E. Gladstone.

Mr. Governor, the above legal maxim best describes the situation we find ourselves in
Eziowelle Improvement Union (E.I.U.). The basic principle behind the above quote is
that it’s not sufficient for justice to be served, it must be served promptly.

The intentional delay of handling this matter on its merit by the Commissioner for Local
Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs, Hon. TonyCollins Nwabunwanne
has the potential of breaching the public peace and causing factionalism and
disaffection in Eziowelle community. It’s also perceived as inimical to the attainment
of substantial justice.

We have submitted several written communication to the State Government on this matter since 2021 where we categorically stated that our former President General,
Barr. Titus Akpudo grievously breached the substantive Eziowelle Improvement
Union constitution (1992), by his failure to conduct the union’s election before the
expiration of his tenure on June 30, 2021.

The drafters of our constitution in Article
Xvi(C) and (D) envisaged such scenario and made provisions for that by giving
authority to at least three Branch Chairmen and Secretaries to constitutionally assume
the reins of authority and administer the affairs of the union preparatory to the conduct
of election.

The letter of invitation by Mr. Commissioner is an embarrassment to the sensibilities of the three Branch Chairmen that have been fighting for justice and peace in Eziowelle Improvement Union. Mr. Commissioner did not deem it proper to address the letter to any of the complainants, but the Chairman of
Port-Harcourt Branch. On /5/2024, the Branch Chairmen and Secretaries of Onitsha, Lagos and Abuja wrote the State Government to lay claim to the authority vested in them by the constitution.

IMG 20240603 WA0050
IMG 20240603 WA0049

Since then, several letters have been
written to you to intimate you of the deliberate attempt by the former President General, Barr. Titus Akpudo and Mr. Commissioner to intentionally exclude us, the petitioners from the purported Eziowelle Community Stakeholders meetings held in the Office of Mr. Commissioner to assumedly foster peace and justice in Eziowelle Improvement Union. If we may respectfully ask, Mr. Governor, how
could Mr. Commissioner sue for peace without giving fair hearing to the petitioners or the parties in dispute? This will eventually end as jungle justice. We appreciate Mr. Commissioner for his efforts, but his attitude and actions indicates that the propaganda the former President General has spewed under
the cloak of intellectualismhas beclouded his sense of reasoning in this matter.

The former President General also grievously erred in law by breaching the constitutional provisions and process for the alleged amendment of the constitution, and therefore cannot foist another constitution on the union. We refuse to join in the kangaroo act of violating the law....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

“When a mad man walks naked, it’s his kinsmen who feel shame, not himself”.
–Prof. Chinua Achebe.

We are only taking precautionary measures to avoid anarchy and lawlessness in
Eziowelle community.


  1. We are appealing to Mr. Governor to direct the Commissioner to recuse
    himself from this matter,or alternatively include His Honour, The Chief of
    Staff, The SPAD, Legal, and SPAD, Local Government Affairs in the meeting
    of 06/06/2024.
  2. The State Government should partner with the Emergency General Assembly as the only recognized constitutional body in the union.
  3. We are also praying the State Government to adhere strictly to the consensus agreement already reached by the Emergency General Assembly in December 2023 on the modalities for the conduct of election in the union. Conclusively, we would like to end this letter with ChimamandaAdichie’s quote.

“I often make the mistake of thinking that something that is obvious to me is
obvious to everyone else”.

Yours faithfully

Ezenwa Azie
(Chairman EIU Abuja Branch)

Tony Oraguii
(Chairman EIU Lagos Branch)

Chiemezie Chukwuka
(Chairman EIU Onitsha Branch)

1.Hon. Speaker, Anambra State.
2.Chief of Staff Anambra State.
3.Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Anambra State.
4.The Honourable Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs.
5.Hon. Member, Representing Idemili North State Constituency ASHA
6.The Special Adviser, Local Government Affairs.

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