EPL: Why Tottenham lost 2-0 to Man City – Postecoglou

EPL: Why Tottenham lost 2-0 to Man City – Postecoglou...Continue The Full Reading.

Tottenham manager, Ange Postecoglou has said his team lost 2-0 to Manchester City on Tuesday night because they didn’t capitalize on the “big moments”.

City moved closer to a fourth successive Premier League title, thanks to Erling Haaland’s double against Spurs.

Postecoglou’s men had chances to score, especially with Son Heung-Min when it was still 1-0.

Speaking to BBC Match of the Day, Postecoglou said: “Yeah disappointment I guess, we lost. It was a tight game with big moments, they took them and we didn’t.

“That was the summary of the game. Unless somebody saw it differently, that’s how I saw it, yeah.

“[We could have] taken the big moments. That’s pretty much it.”…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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