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Esports: EStars launch BTEC in Esports

EStars unveils the Classroom of the Future at the Misk Global Forum (MGF23)
EStars, the global leader in educational esports, has unveiled a new model for educating students in the MENA region...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Students from Riyadh’s prestigious Misk Schools are the first in the region to undertake the BTEC in Esports, the inaugural lesson of which was delivered at MGF23 in the Classroom of the Future, designed and built by EStars (in partnership with Riyadh Schools). With its bespoke qualifications and state of the art classrooms, EStars is upskilling students to fully embrace opportunities in the digital era.

The unveiling of the Classroom took place at the recently held Misk Global Forum in Saudi Arabia where young leaders, innovators, CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the world showcased their talents and ideas.

The genesis of the Classroom of the Future idea came from a meeting between Dr Terence Brady, the curriculum director for Riyadh Schools, and Mags Byrne the CEO of EStars, the leaders in educational esports.

The concept provides a template for reinventing education using the best emerging technologies and teaching practices, to empower students growing up in a very different world.

“Developing the Classroom of the Future with Riyadh Schools has been a brilliant project for EStars”, said CEO, Mags Byrne. “Collectively, we have designed the future; a fully immersive, inclusive and fun classroom.

And the reaction of the students was what pleased us all the most. They want to embrace technology and study new subjects such as esports. It has been a very exciting few months for EStars”.

Formed in the United Kingdom, with a flagship office in the Creative Hub, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, EStars has been generating significant buzz in the education and esports sectors through their three award-winning business strands: the educational Esports Club, BTEC qualifications and room design, build and maintenance.

This buzz, culminating in the unveiling of the Classroom of the Future, meant that a steady stream of Saudi government officials, VIPs and celebrities took the time to visit it in person at MGF23.

Former two-time World Champion boxer, Amir Khan, visited the Classroom of the Future and was clearly impressed, commenting, “We know kids today love sports and they love gaming so now it’s about making this part of the curriculum so they can do jobs in the future where they will love what they do”.

Esports influencer Brandon Smith flew into Riyadh especially to deliver the lesson on behalf of the region’s leaders in educational esports, EStars.

Footballers Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson showed up as holograms, while world-famous physicist Dr. Michio Kaku and Saudi astronauts, Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali Alqarni appeared in person at the unveiling.

The esports industry saw revenues of almost $2 billion in 2022 and has been growing at more than 20 per cent per year.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is strategically positioning itself for a transformative future in education, propelled by EStars’ recent partnerships with leading educational institution, Chrisland Schools in Lagos.

Following the successful completion of a pilot programme earlier in 2023, which saw Chrisland Schools roll out EStars’ educational Esports Club to its students, the relationship was recently formalised through an MOU. The news has swiftly permeated the state, resulting in additional MOUs being signed with institutions like the prestigious Ambassadors College.

Numerous schools have committed to taking part in pilot schemes of the educational platform with a view to full integration and leveraging on the relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.….CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>


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