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Ex-Governors Reached Out To Fubara But We’ve Not Been Able To Have Personal Contact With Wike- According to Rufus Ada-George




Former Rivers State Governor Rufus Ada-George recently shared important details regarding the ongoing conflict between the state’s current governor, Sim Fubara, and Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike. Ada-George provided insight into the coordinated attempts by previous state governors to mediate and mend the bad relationship between the two well-known politicians in an open interview with Channels Television.

During the interview, Ada-George elaborated on the proactive measures taken by the ex-governors to bring about a resolution to the conflict. Notably, attempts were made to engage in dialogue with Governor Sim Fubara, with the aim of fostering understanding and finding common ground. The former governors, recognizing the importance of unity within the state’s political landscape, sought to establish a platform for communication and reconciliation.

Despite their earnest efforts, Ada-George revealed that establishing direct contact with Nyesom Wike, the other key party involved in the feud, proved to be a challenging endeavor. The former governors, while successfully reaching out to Governor Fubara, encountered obstacles in establishing a similar line of communication with the Minister of FCT.

In his own words as seen on Channels Television tonight…

“The most important thing was that there had been an intervention of the president at that time and it was brought under control and we were hoping that that would’ve been durable. But unfortunately in the midst of it, statements were issued, actions were taken that tended up to blow up the whole issue again.”

“The ex-governors made efforts and reached out to the governor (Siminalayi Fubara) but we have not been able to have personal contact with the minister of the FCT (Nyesom Wike), we will keep trying.”

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