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‘Father of all nations’ – Phyna drags Davido to filth



The Davido-Phyna drama is becoming more compelling by the second.....PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

Phyna recently called Davido out for being the father of all nations as she insinuated that Davido had multiple baby mamas.

Everything began when Davido retweeted a Phyna-related message. Naturally agitated, Phyna asked her what she had ever done to him and even gave him congrats on the birth of his twins.

In response, Davido said he doesn’t know who she is. Speculation about whether he was telling the truth or not went viral on the internet.

Phyna, clearly moved, stated that God knew who she was, even though Davido didn’t. She acknowledged that she had been wrongly painted as a terrible person and that she was just being herself.

She even implied in a vulnerable moment that she wanted to change her nationality, implying that the intense hatred she was experiencing was the reason she no longer wanted to be a Nigerian.

Phyna recently criticized Davido for having multiple baby mamas.

She told his fans to stop focusing on their “father of all nations,” a reference to Davido’s status as the baby daddy of multiple children, in response to their abusive direct comments.

“30bg or wetin them dy call Una fuck off my dm and face your father of all nation,

“I don’t need your fave to know me, I nor dy waka kurukere waka so I don’t expect him to know me Y’all should run along now, ndi general market.

“Wetin result to dms of death threats, e belike Una wan jons today Wa zaga.”

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