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FG’s Agency Makes Demand From Aisha Achimugu After Lavish Birthday Bash In Grenada, She Speaks




The FCT-Internal Revenue Service has requested Abuja-based socialite Aisha Achimugu to provide details of her annual tax returns, following her extravagant 50th birthday celebration in Grenada.

In a now-deleted post on its official platform, the FCT-IRS extended birthday wishes to Achimugu while reminding her to fulfill her tax obligations. This move came after reports of the lavish seven-day birthday party, attended by high-profile individuals, including Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The Lagos State Government clarified that Sanwo-Olu’s visit to Grenada was for talks on bilateral relations and not specifically to attend Achimugu’s party. The government shared photos of the governor presenting a miniature of the Blue Line train to Grenadian Prime Minister Dickon Michelle, emphasizing discussions on tourism, agriculture, and economic interests.

Responding to media attention, Achimugu, the Managing Director of Felak Concept Group, expressed her lack of remorse for the extravagant celebration. In a statement, she described herself as the most popular person globally, thanked those who genuinely showed concern, and asserted her commitment to continue doing what makes her happy.

She said, “Good evening, everyone, lovers of mine. This is not an official thank you for being there for me and coming to Grenada. It is a very tough time. It was a moment for me to thank everyone whom I should be concerned over the pleasant media help about this famous Aisha.” ….WATCH THE FULL. VIDEO HERE

Achimugu concluded by stating, “I really don’t give a hoot. I’m doing me; I’ve always done me, a happy soul, doing what makes me happy. And again, celebrating people who love me, genuinely love me, who have always been there for me in the last 50 years and even less, but feels like they’ve known me all my life. I thank you all.”.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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