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First Minister of Scotland, Yousaf, disagrees with the UK government on a new immigration law


Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s First Minister, clashed with the UK government over the new immigration law scheduled to take effect in January 2024, describing it as “morally repugnant and economically illiterate.”

In a video that has gone viral on Instagram, Yousaf, while addressing the Scottish Parliament, urged London, the political and administrative capital of the UK, to rethink this new immigration law, which aims to limit new immigrants into the country. Saying that the UK is where it is economically because of the contribution of the migrant populations.

“It is really dark for the UK,” Yousaf said. “A country that once welcomed many immigrants, including my grandfather, to the country; in fact, they begged others to come to work in their factories, to drive their buses, to reduce the labour shortage that we had at that time.

“And what successive UK governments have done—Labour and Conservative—is that they have dismantled our immigration and, indeed, our asylum processes.”

The Scottish first minister condemned the UK government for seeing new immigration, which specifically prevents care workers or overseas students from bringing along their dependent families, as a sensible choice.

Yousaf also took a jab at the UK government’s new asylum policy, which makes it almost impossible for asylum seekers fleeing war or persecution to come to the UK.

He said, “On immigration, the latest announcements made are that the UK government is asking migrants to come here to look after our own family members, and by doing so, they are abandoning their own family members back home.

“On asylum, the UK government has virtually eliminated any practical, legal route for those who are fleeing war and persecution.”

He described the new immigration and asylum policies as “not only morally repugnant, but they are economically illiterate.”

Yousaf emphasised not only the economic and cultural importance migrants bring to Scotland but also appreciated them for choosing to come, live, and work in Scotland over the years.

Due to the huge influx of migrants into the UK through the family route, the UK government has decided to reduce net migration by approximately 300,000.

The new legislation includes specific provisions that will prevent migrant students from bringing their families to the UK.

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