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Fubara Has Already Played Into The 27 Lawmakers Hands By Demolishing The House Of Assembly – According to Anene




Emmanuel Anene, a lawyer, has said that by dismantling the state house of assembly, Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara has given the 27 members who have defected more power. He said that the 27 MPs could take a seat anywhere in order to resume the governor’s impeachment procedure.

He proposed using the government house as a substitute location in his argument against the union of the legislative and executive branches. He emphasized how crucial it is to preserve the division of powers. He said that this could jeopardize the ability to coordinate efficient governance checks and balances.

He said in an interview with AIT, ”Even if the order was being paraded by the Ehie faction, the order did not say this people should lose their seats. It only says he’s a speaker. As we speak today, those 27 lawmakers are still members of Rivers State House of Assembly.

And Governor Fubara has already played into the 27 lawmakers hands by demolishing the House of Assembly complex. Meaning they can sit anywhere because the governor did not provide the alternative accommodation for them.

If they say they should use the government house, that is merging both the executive and legislature together. And we should weep for this. We are talking about separation of power.

Why would an arm of government take a refuge and become a refugee in their own state? And be taking shelter inside the government house. Is that how they are going to orchestrate checks and balances?”


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