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General Christopher Musa Responds to Charges from Arewa Group That He Was Responsible for the Kaduna Bombing



The Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, has responded to accusations made by the Arewa Action Group for Good Governance and has denied any knowledge of the bombing of people in Tudun Biri, Kaduna state.……CONTINUE READING>>>

The Arewa Group for Good Governance accused General Musa of working with the Nigerian army to target a particular ethnic group in Kaduna State during their interview with Arise TV. He was urged to address these grave accusations.

General Musa expressed regret over the situation, acknowledging the emotional responses it has stirred. He clarified that the ongoing operation against terrorists, while extended over a significant period, may involve errors. He strongly denied any tribal, religious, or ethnic motivations, highlighting the diverse composition of the affected community, encompassing both Christians and Muslims from various ethnic backgrounds. Contrary to allegations, General Musa affirmed the military’s commitment to professionalism, asserting a neutral stance without favoring any particular side.

In General Musa’s words: “Well I think it is highly unfortunate and you should also understand that when situations like this happen, emotions run very high and people tend to have different emotions as to how they react to issues but it is highly unfortunate and highly regrettable. It is an ongoing operation that has been on for a long while and we are trying to put in our best to ensure that we defeat the terrorists, and mistakes do happen.

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