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Genius hack to get rid of bed bugs forever with 2 products in just 4 steps

Bedbugs are tiny blood-sucking insects that bury themselves in furniture and can be difficult to get rid of once in a home fully...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Female bedbugs can lay around 500 eggs a lifetime and they can go months without feeding. These unwelcome pests can often bite and can leave you sore and uncomfortable.

You may need to try a few different methods to get rid of bedbugs, but luckily there are some simple solutions for wiping out an infestation, but they will take time and patience.

First, make sure to identify all the infected areas, as they can squeeze into very small areas such as seams on a mattress. You can use a torch and magnifying glass to look for them in areas such as furniture joints, near the tags on mattresses, under loose wallpaper and inside electrical sockets.

Once you are sure you have bedbugs, run a hoover over possible infected areas such as the bed, carpet as well as furniture, making sure to seal and throw away the vacuum contents outside.

Bedbugs cannot tolerate either extreme temperature so wash all affected bedding and clothing on a hot wash of at least 60 Celsius and then put in a dryer for around 30 minutes at the highest temperature setting.

However, one expert has one cleaning solution that may be able to help get rid of bed bugs. Ceith Griffith is an entrepreneur from Kentucky who enjoys sharing his favourite household “tricks and tips” on his TikTok account @ceithgriffith.

In a recent video, Cetih explained that he was able to kill bedbugs by using the laundry stain remover from Magic Power and using a strong rubbing alcohol with 70 percent strength or more.

Ceith said: “All you need is the Magic Power Laundry Strain Remover, make sure it is Magic Power, and rubbing alcohol. 70 percent or more will work

“Add two ounces of the rubbing alcohol to the stain remover, then shake the bottle. Then spray the mixture on any crease or crevice or nest that the bed bugs are in.”

Once you are probably sprayed, Ceith said to keep persistently spraying the solution, as it may take a little while to work. Ceith added: “You’re going to want to redo this twice a week for a month. Just to make sure you kill off the eggs that the bedbugs lay.”

Bedbugs can take some time to wipe out since they are such hardy creatures. To minimise their chance of staying in your home, make sure there is no clutter on the floor such as clothes or books as they can be the perfect hiding spots.

Make sure all the crooks and crannies in your home at sealed up by taping up electrical sockets, glueing down wallpaper and fixing cracks that may be in your furniture.

You may need to keep cleaning and hoovering on a regular basis, but any furniture you cannot fully clean should be gotten rid of. If left outdoors, make sure to spray ‘bedbugs’ on it so no one tries to take it.

These are some simple solutions you can try yourself, but it is also best to get in contact with your local council or pest control service that will be able to offer professional advice to fully get rid of bedbugs.

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