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Ghanaian pastor who ‘killed’ wife by shooting her 7 times in the US set to face trial after 2 years



Two years after the death of 27-year-old Barbara Tommey on September 8, 2020, in Orlando, Florida – USA, her husband, who has been accused of her murder, is scheduled to face trial.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Sylvester Ofori, the chief pastor of Floodgates of Heaven in Orlando, was seen on CCTV engaging in a violent argument with his wife at the gate of her office when he shot her seven times in the head..…CONTINUE.YOUR.READING

According to the article, Ofori rejected a plea agreement from the prosecution, and the matter was deferred for a trial to begin in July.

“Today, Sylvester Ofori was brought to court and from his demeanour he did not show any sign of regret. According to reports, he was given a plea deal to accept his guilt and receive a jail term of 50 years.

“He has refused it on the basis that he will defend his actions because his lawyers have assured him that the maximum sentence he will get is 15 or 16 years based on his defence. But if he is found guilty after the full trial, he faces a sentence of up to 100 years,” Kofi Adomah narrated in his YouTube report.

“From our interactions with the family, their expectation is that he is sentenced to 100 years or at least 74 years. But his lawyers are adamant that they can defend him and that has led to him refusing the plea deal.

“The trial has been adjourned to July 15, where he is expected to present his evidence. As it stands now, he is in the custody of police,” he said.

Barbara’s family, who are still saddened by her death, are hoping that justice will be done at the conclusion of the trial.

“The family remains saddened by the incident. Her mother is worst affected to the extent that her bed remains untouched after 2 years. Her father who is a retired soldier is in pains. They are all hoping that justice will be served,” Kofi Adomah narrated.…CONTINUE.YOUR.READING

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