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“Give me money or you won’t reap fruit of your labour” – Islamic cleric lay curses at party

An Islamic cleric better known as an Alfa uses an unconventional approach to make money at an event while laying heavy curses on party attendees.……CONTINUE READING>>>

A video making waves on social media showcased the moment party attendees dashed out in numbers to offer money to a cleric.

The Alfa lost his cool over the low turnout of donations following his prayers and the event, hence, rained curses on the guests.

In his words, “Bring everything you have or you won’t reap the fruit of your labour. I don’t beg people, I curse people. Many of you don’t get God’s blessings because you are stingy towards giving. If you ask something from God and you get it, a car should knock me down.”

The video has since generated a buzz on the internet from many who ridiculed the preacher for his covetous ways.

Reactions as Islamic cleric lay curses on party attendees for money

Hahriyikeh captioned the video: “Gaslighting people and extorting people this way is crazy. Imagine raining heavy curses on people because you want them to give you money. Is this an Alfa or Alufà? .”

CoreyOdonis penned: “I would have sat still there.. If you wan collect money from me, no be curse cum reverse psychology you go use collect am. I blame those that stood up.”

Leykan06 wrote: “Them suppose beat the nonsense comot him. body. Babalawo Dey disguise.”

munirwarlord1 penned: “If na my occasion..Norms Dem go bounce the man commot.. And a no wan care wetin ihn fit cause. E dey craze (and that’s not respectfully).”

pweetynafeesat stated: “Walai God knows if am there shishi will not drop from me sha. Babalawo in disguise.”

premiumMagnify said: “I can’t watch past 10secs. Some of these Alfas ehn, to think he’s an elderly man. Tufiakwa.”

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