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Glass expert shares easy way to clean windows and mirrors for ‘spotless’ results

John Cuts, glass expert at MeandMyGlass, said: “It can be frustrating spending hours cleaning around the home only for streaks and fingerprints to remain on surfaces....Continue The Full Reading.

“There are general tips out there that work for a short period, but people are missing a trick if they keep on using the one size fits all approach when it comes to cleaning.

“It’s important to understand that different types of glass objects need to be cleaned differently to get a spotless finish.

“Objects such as kitchen splashbacks benefit from being cleaned with a homemade white vinegar solution, whereas bathroom mirrors only need an initial clean with a warm all-purpose cloth and then wiped over with a microfibre material to eliminate any watermarks.”
1. Bathroom mirrors

The expert said it is a “two-step” process to achieving “streak-free” bathroom mirrors, starting with a warm, damp cloth.

Start by getting rid of any excess dirt and marks before going over it with a microfibre cloth to remove any streaks, buffing them away in circular motions.
2. Glass countertops

The expert said: “Isopropyl alcohol works best to remove sticky marks off glass table tops. Wipe it down with a microfibre cloth to ensure no marks are left behind.”
3. Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks tend to get dirty from sauces spilling and oil spitting on the surface, which is why a solution made of white vinegar and water is the best solution to remove stains.

John said the solution acts as a disinfectant which means you don’t have to use multiple cleaning products at once.
4. Window interiors

The pro recommended mixing squeezed lemons into water to make a nice scented cleaning solution to remove any marks off the windows.

Make sure to go over the windows first with a microfibre cloth to clean off any dust particles to achieve a streak-free, shining finish.
5. Screen glass

The glass expert explained: “The glass on phones, tablets and TVs needs to be cleaned differently to prevent the electronic device from being destroyed.

“Avoid heavy use of water that can seep into the electrics. Antibacterial wipes are the ideal solution as they remove streaks, won’t ruin wiring and eliminate bacteria.”
6. Outdoor glass furniture

Use soapy water along with some white vinegar to help get rid of any tree soap which could ruin the glass surface if not cleaned away.

Clean the table once a week to keep it tidy and put a cover over it to make sure it doesn’t get stained.

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