‘God have mercy’ – Oluwadolarz’s mom cries out as she buys tomatoes, pepper for N10k

Oluwaseun Adeyemi, the mother of skitmaker Oluwadolarz has expressed her anger at the exorbitant costs of the fresh pepper and tomatoes she bought at a Lagos market...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

She disclosed that she paid N10,000 for the meagre amount of tomatoes and fresh pepper in a video that she posted.

Oluwaseun Adeyemi noted that before Nigeria’s economic crisis, the same things used to cost N2,000.

According to the head of the Tomato Out Growers Association of Nigeria (TOGAN) for Kano State, Sani Danladi, ‘Tuta absoluta’, one of the most destructive pests that impact tomato crops, is the primary reason behind the skyrocketing tomato prices in Nigeria.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in Nigeria, but in recent weeks, the shortage has caused prices to soar, forcing consumers to spend more money on them.

Prices have been steadily rising over the last month as shortages have affected markets all around the nation.

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johnnie_jay: Where Una Dey buy expensive pepper from that pepper no pass 1500 for my area.

gist_connect: Omo no do mistake check up on me this period, I go beg you for money

classy_commy: “I wonder how Muslims wan cook this sallah as things cost like this!”

emeka_: “If the rich complain, what of the common man? May God provide all our needs abundantly in Jesus’ name.”

thefoodnetworknig2: “Na the indomie werey pain me pass! How Indomie wan get steeze without pepper? Tinubu oooo .”..ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.>’.

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