Gov Yusuf synergises with religious leaders to tackle drugs abuse, thuggery in Kano

Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of Kano State has synergised with the state’s 44 local government area Jummaat Mosques Imams to tackle the menaces of drug peddling, phone snatching and political thuggery.

The governor believes that in fighting moral decadence in society, which Kano is currently facing, it is not solely the government’s problem to address. Thus, all hands must be on deck to combat it.

He made the call during a stakeholders’ meeting at the Government House Kano on Thursday, while pleading with the religious leaders to focus on especially calling the youth to be responsible and upright.

“We in government see you as having a crucial role to play in restoring the lost dignity of Kano as well as the heritage of the people.

“You should preach goodness and avoid politics while standing on your podium by calling on people to do the right things.

“There are over 24 million people in Kano, and 65 percent of these people are youths who are facing all sorts of delinquencies and need to be protected.

“We need you to address them against drugs, adultery, robbery, phone snatching, and other crimes. We need you to contribute your part in that direction to salvage this community.

“We, on our part as the government, will provide them with access to education, build their capacity, and provide them with employment. You need to play your part,” he stated.

The governor further stated that the state government will do its best to provide food to the public before the commencement of Ramadan fasting....CONTINUE FULL READING>>

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