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Governor Bago of Niger and a UAE company strike an agreement to plant one billion trees




Governor Mohammed Bago of Niger state has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Blue Carbon for a carbon capture project to plant one billion new trees on 760, 000 hectares of land in the state.

The signing of the carbon capture project was on the sidelines of the on-going COP-28 Climate Summit on-going in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The agreement is also for the reforestation and ecosystems conservation of one million hectares of land in the state.

The UAE had set aside $135 billion for carbon projects.

Blue Carbon is a United Arab Emirates company committed to climate change initiatives.

It has also signed carbon capture project agreements with Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, Papua New Guinea, and Dominican Republic for carbon capture projects.

Bago said the agreement with the United Arab Emirates-based company was to advance sustainable climate change solutions.

“The partnership is dedicated to addressing climate change by planting one billion economic trees and one million hectares in Niger state. This project is not only an environmental endeavour, but also an important step towards improving the forestry sector within the region.

“Planting one billion trees will significantly contribute to carbon sequestration, which involves capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide to combat global warming,” he said.

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