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Governor Soludo's Aggressive Urban Renewal In Ekwulobia - UTWEETS
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Governor Soludo’s Aggressive Urban Renewal In Ekwulobia

Soludo’s compassionate dedication to urban renewal in Ekwulobia is evident through the transformative projects underway. The construction of the gigantic flyover and modern bus terminal at the former Ekwulobia roundabout –a notoriously “chaotic squalor”, the dualization of federal roads, and the construction of the Ekwulobia township stadium exemplify his intention to upgrade infrastructure and create a modern urban environment for residents and visitors...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Ekwulobia’s neglect in the past has been solved by Soludo’s proactive approach to development in just two years in office, demonstrating his focus on delivering tangible results and substantial improvements. By constructing the gigantic flyover, Soludo directly addresses the growing need for improved traffic management and creates pleasurable and seamless transportation routes in the state.

Soludo’s commitment to urban renewal reaches far beyond the construction of flyovers. It includes the rehabilitation and construction of roads, the upgrading of public facilities, and efforts to enhance the overall urban landscape. His proactive efforts reflect his vision for the modernization and transformation of Anambra into a prosperous and livable homeland.

The three-time Global and Africa’s Best CBN Governor’s commitment to urban renewal is resolute and evident through his dedication to improving infrastructure and creating a more modern urban center.

The ongoing construction of the flyover at the Ekwulobia roundabout serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the state’s transformation.

The people’s trust in Soludo’s ability to fulfil his promises and deliver on his commitment to urban renewal reinforces the governor’s reputation as the 2023 Champion Newspapers Best Governor of the Year on Infrastructure, a feat achieved in less than two years in office without borrowing....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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