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Governor Sule raises alarm as fake drugs floods Nasarawa State

Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Sule has raised concerns over the widespread presence of counterfeit drugs in the state.

Sule attributed the situation to the prevailing economic hardships faced by residents.

Addressing the public during a recent event where rice and cash were distributed to vulnerable Nigerians in Obi, Governor Sule stated the challenges posed by fake drugs in the state.

He noted that the government has allocated ₦250 million to purchase genuine medications, which will be sold at subsidized rates in state-owned pharmacies and hospitals.

“In the state, because of the hardships, there are lots of fake drugs in the pharmacies.

“What we have done is to ensure that we give one of our medical agencies ₦250 million to go and buy genuine drugs so that they will be able to sell it to the people at subsidized prices if you go to our hospitals.” Sule stated.

The governor also announced a ₦500 million support fund for the Nasarawa State Social Investment Agency (NSSIA) to bolster healthcare provision and ensure residents have access to quality medical services.

He said, “We also know that we need a lot of interventions in healthcare, and that is why we are approving ₦500 million to the NSSIA in order to support the people towards providing good healthcare.”

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