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Hair expert shares ‘mistake number one’ for women with grey hair – it ‘looks really bad’



Going grey or silver with age is an inevitable fact of life and many women choose to colour over it with hair dye in a bid to look younger.

However, it’s totally possible to look fresh and youthful with grey or silver strands – you just have to remember a few key things.

Glam Girl Gabi is a licensed hairstylist and beauty creator with 260,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In a video entitled ‘Five Tips that will make you LOVE your Grey Hair!’ Gabi gave women her “biggest piece of advice” for those who want to embrace their greys but don’t know how.

The expert suggested that while going grey is an easy process, it’s not as straightforward as simply stopping dyeing it one day.

She said: “The biggest piece of advice that I have for you if you’re looking into transitioning out of colouring your hair is to start by ashing out your hair.

“Mistake number one is having a warm hair colour contrasting with your grey hair.

“Warm-toned browns like chestnut and even warm-toned blondes like honey are a massive contrast to grey because they are tonally opposite.”

L’Oréal Professionnel explained: “Whether blonde or brunette, ash hair colour has undertones of grey (hence the name), green, blue and violet.

“Ash hair colour is on the cool side of the colour spectrum, meaning that it does not contain many red or orange tones.”

Gabi continued: “There are warm colours and there are cool colours and grey is cool, so if you put it beside something warm it looks really bad.”

Without making the transition to ashy, the regrowth line between your natural warm colour and the grey will be “all the eye can focus on”.

For those who want to embrace the grey but avoid the harsh contrast, the hair guru recommended starting with a colour like mushroom brown – “essentially what you need to do is have some grey blending going on”.

She also recommended mixing ash-grey highlights with deep brown ashy lowlights.

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