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Hamas Terrorists Reveal Plan To Come To Nigeria, Other Nations As War With Israel Heightens




Hamas terrorists have announced that they will escalate their war with Israel across the face of the earth, vowing to be present in every city on the planet.

Dr Eii David, an Israeli reporter, shared a video showing a visibly angry Hamas leader in a televised address, saying that his fighters will continue to kill and slaughter Jews in every city on the planet.

The Hamas leader noted that the Jews are everywhere in the world, and that he and others have built a bomb factory where explosives will be given to Palestinian women and men who will travel around the world as suicide bombers in search of the Jews.

This announcement, according to wide views, will apparently raise concerns among the Jews in Israel and those that live in other nations including Nigeria.

The development has also revealed that a ceasefire in the war is unlikely amid calls.

Watch The Hamas Leader Speaking Below

Meanwhile, Israel and the United States on Tuesday showed their sharpest public disagreement yet over the conduct and future of the war against Hamas as the two allies became increasingly isolated by global calls for a cease-fire.

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