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Hardship: Mass looting portends impending anarchy – PRP

The People’s Redemption Party, PRP, has issued a stark warning about the potential slide into anarchy if urgent action is not taken to address the growing cost of living crisis affecting the majority of Nigerians.

The party delivered the warning in a statement by its Acting National Publicity Secretary, Muhammed Ishaq, on Monday.

It gave the warning in light of the increasing incidences of looting of warehouses and trucks carrying food supplies across the country.

DAILY POST reports that some of these disturbing occurrences occurred between last Sunday and Monday, as residents of Idu-Karmo and Dei-Dei in the nation’s capital looted warehouses and trucks, carting away food items.

Similar incidents took place in Dogarawa, a suburb of Zaria in Kaduna State, where residents were reported to have looted cartons of spaghetti from a parked truck belonging to BUA Company.

The party said the looting incidents were a symptom of a larger problem that requires a collective effort from all stakeholders, including industrialists and the business community, to address the root causes of such incidents and strive towards a more equitable society.

“The recent reports of looting of trucks carrying food items on our highways and cities are warning signals of the looming anarchy and turmoil which Nigeria faces in the foreseeable future if drastic measures are not taken to address the serious cost of living crisis facing the majority of Nigerian citizens.

“Yes, there is hunger and hardship in the land. Yes, there is poverty in the land, and the ruling elite has weaponized poverty, which has made citizens trade their votes for a pack or two of spaghetti as we saw in last year’s elections,” the party said.

Acknowledging the difficult conditions faced by many, the PRP warned citizens not to allow the weaponization of poverty by the ruling class to compel them to engage in criminal looting of other people’s goods.

The PRP further urged the government at all levels to implement policies that will provide relief to the people.

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