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Herbert Why? You Told Me You’re Going For Board Meeting In London From Where You’ll Head To US- According to Otti



Following the news of Herbert Wigwe’s passing as CEO of Access Holdings, Alex Otti, the Executive Governor of the state of Abia, has responded.……CONTINUE READING>>>

The fact that Wigwe perished in a US helicopter crash with his spouse and child is no longer news.

Nonetheless, a number of Nigerians have sent their condolences and shared their memories of him since the news of his passing spread online.

In a post that Alex Otti made on his official X handle on Sunday, he mourned the death of the Access Holdings CEO. He said the last time they met, Herbert Wigwe told him he was going for a board meeting in London and he would he heading to the United States after the meeting.

Alex Otti wrote on his page;

“Herbert why? Why? Why? You told me you were going for a board meeting in London from where you will head out to the US and return after a few days and immediately come to Abia to see me. So, what happened?”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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