Holy Thursday: Catholic bishop warns priests against false teaching

The Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev. Callistus Onaga, has advised priests against misleading their members with false teachings.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Onaga gave the advice in a homily during a Chrism Mass held at Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu on Thursday.

It was reported that Chrism Mass is celebrated on Holy Thursday, during which priests renew their vocation and are consecrated with the oil of Chrism.

According to the bishop, priests should be careful of what comes out of their mouth as people believe in them and call them Father.

He emphasized that their call was a divine trust to herald the word of God given to them and urged them to do it with conscientiousness.

“Our words matter a lot not just when we are in the church but wherever we find ourselves. Our flock calls us Father because they believe that we have been transformed. We should teach people true words.

“If your words are lies, you are teaching your parishioners to lies and you are teaching them to tell lies and give false witnesses,” Onaga said.

The cleric explained that Reverend Fathers were the custodians of the word of God adding that they should refrain from false preachings and prophecies.

“We should not compare ourselves with other pastors because to him whom much is given, much is expected. We have a very sacred juice of priesthood.

“The word of God is sacred and should not be defiled and the priest is the dispenser of the word of God in his place with the people of God,” he said.

He charged the priests to possess a Christlike heart with love, saying priesthood is love.

“It is love in us that will define what we teach our members; you don’t abuse them but teach them word of God with love and that which come from Christ we represent, should dominate everything we do”.

Onaga also admonished the Catholic priests to do away with unforgiving anger, greed, selfishness and pride but engage in the work of God with love and humility.

It was reported that the highlight of the Holy Mass was the renewal of the vow and commitment made by no fewer than 500 priests during their ordination, blessing of the oil of the sick, oil of the Catechumen and consecration of the oil of Chrism.

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