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Hoodlums Protest Apparent Loss of APC’s Binani in Just Concluded Adamawa Guber Election

Thugs, in the wee hours of Monday, went wild in the Adamawa State capital, Yola, smashing cars and inflicting injuries on motorists and other passersby...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The youths who had expected that the APC governorship candidate in Adamawa State, Senator Aishatu Ahmed Binani would be declared governor-elect, had taken to the street after the failure of their expectation.

The thugs who had gone on celebration earlier in the evening, proclaiming that Binani had won the election, had become angry hours later, around midnight, and had turned against motorists and other residents who happened to run into them..…CONTINUE.YOUR.READING

Incidentally, many of their victims were supporters of Binani, including Senator Binta Massi, whose car was damaged and had bruises inflicted on her by the thugs when she drove through them.

Senator Binta who was the state pioneer chairman of APC and was in the Senate between 2015 and 2019 under the APC, had walked into the INEC collation Centre on Bank Road, Jimeta, to seek assistance of the security men at the centre after the attack by the thugs.

This was a little after midnight when the collation centre had already closed proceedings till later in the morning for officials to sort out issues around the only remaining LGA to be collated, Fufore.

The rumour had gone round earlier Sunday evening when three LGAs still remained to be collated that Binani had won the governorship election, a rumour which apparently emanated from a false result sheet indicating Binani’s purported victory.

Contrastingly, with those three LGAs initially pending and after two more LGAs were announced to leave just one pending, Fintiri actually remained in a slight lead, and Binani would need 34,669 superior vote difference in the remaining Fufore LGA to arrive at votes that can equal Fintiri”s total votes so far.

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