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How can one man embezzle over ₦100 billion? And I hear about plea bargains – According to Prof Alphonsus Nwosu



Veteran politician and former minister Prof. Alphonsus Nwosu has shared moving memories of Nigeria in 1960, drawing attention to a sharp difference to the country today. In addition to talking about Michael Opara, the previous Eastern Region Premier who had few belongings, he recalled trekking seven miles to see the Nigerian flag raised.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Nwosu voiced his concerns about the current situation—in which people are accused of embezzling astounding sums like N100 billion—in an interview with The Sun. He also bemoaned the fact that plea deals exist.

In Nwosu’s words: Why are people looking at things as if they never existed. In 1960, I walked for 7 miles and not kilometers to watch the lifting of the Nigerian flag. The former Premier of Eastern Region, Michael Opara didn’t have a property where he lived. He didn’t have anywhere.

He only had one in Umuahia which he got through a loan. When he died, people raised money to build a befitting house for him where he was buried. He didn’t have any earthly possessions. Today, how can one man embezzle over N100 billion? And I hear about plea bargains. These things didn’t exist before”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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