How much money do Premier League winners make? Premier League prize money by position and what each team wins in 2023/24

How much money do Premier League winners make? Premier League prize money by position and what each team wins in 2023/24...Continue The Full Reading.

Manchester City are gunning for a record fourth consecutive Premier League title.

Such sustained success brings plenty of money rolling in, especially when it takes place in the world’s richest league.

English teams habitually dominate rankings of clubs bringing in the most revenue annually. In the latest Deloitte Football Money League, eight of the top 20 came from the Premier League. The next most represented league was Italy’s Serie A with four.

The main reason for this is the multi-billion dollar broadcasting deals that sustain the Premier League’s global audience and the clubs within. However, every place in the division also comes with a financial incentive.

How much money do Premier League winners make?

Last season, City scooped a record £176.2 million ($220.7m/€204.8m) as champions. The figure City or Arsenal will claim this time around is yet to be calculated as it depends on variables related to the league’s television deals.

City’s bounty last year was gleaned from fixed figures relating to prize money attached to the club coming first, an equal share payment and a commercial revenue payment from the league.

There is also a variable facility fee payment. In layman’s terms, this is where clubs are given a sum about every time one of their matches is broadcast in the UK.

Naturally, teams in the title race tend to fare well in this regard. City topped the facility fees payment table for 2022/23 with £25.3m. Each appearance on UK television is worth £1.2m to the teams involved and tops up the £31m equal share payment.

Television earnings and the other payments outlined above meant the three relegated clubs last season – Southampton, Leeds United and Leicester City – each banked over £100m. Leicester have already secured an instant return and Southampton and Leeds are heading to the Championship playoffs.

The table below outlines the overall payments made to each club in order of finishing position in 2022/23, as per the Premier League’s annual report.

1. Manchester City £176.2m
2. Arsenal £172.2m
3. Manchester United £168.3m
4. Newcastle United £164.3m
5. Liverpool £169.2m
6. Brighton £149.7m
7. Aston Villa £148.3m
8. Tottenham £151.9m
9. Brentford £138.7m
10. Fulham £138.1m
11. Crystal Palace £133.3m
12. Chelsea £137.7m
13. Wolves £124.6m
14. West Ham £129m
15. Bournemouth £117.5m
16. Nottingham Forest £118.6m
17. Everton £120.5m
18. Leicester City £114m
19. Leeds United £111.7m
20. Southampton £103.6m

How much money is each place worth in the Premier League?

Purely in terms of league prize money, each position is rewarded on a sliding scale.

In 2022/23, City took home £62.3m for finishing as champions. This ticked down by approximately £3.1m for every position – the same amount received by bottom club Southampton....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

Premier League prize money per position 2022/23

1. £62.3m
2. £59.1m
3. £56m
4. £52.9m
5. £49.9m
6. £46.7m
7. £43.6m
8. £40.5m
9. £37.4m
10. £34.3m
11. £31.1m
12. £28m
13. £24.9m
14. £21.8m
15. £18.6m
16. £15.6m
17. £12.5m
18. £9.4m
19. £6.2m
20. £3.1m

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