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Hydrangeas warning for gardeners: How to avoid plants going brown without pruning

Hydrangeas are incredibly popular in late summer as they are currently in bloom, making gardens look beautiful with their colourful blue, violet, pink and white flowers...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

These flowering shrubs are a great addition to any garden as they are low maintenance, making them very easy to grow and care for.

However, if your hydrangeas are turning brown or not flowering at the moment, there may be a simple cause that can be solved with a tool that can likely be found already in your home.

Vas is a gardening expert who specializes in caring for hydrangeas and often shares his “hydrangeas tips” and “gardening tutorials” on his TikTok account @myformalgarden.

In one video, Vas explained that “windburn” can hurt hydrangeas as “rapid air movement” can take all the moisture out of a flower. He said: “Keep an eye on your plants especially when it’s extremely windy.”

Vas showed himself in his garden with his own Annabelle hydrangeas, with one side of them browning. He said: “Wind. This is something (hydrangea) do not really like. If it is windy, make sure you water your annabelles as when it is windy the leaves do lose a lot of moisture. “

The gardener further explained: “When the wind blows, rapid air movement causes moisture to be lost from foliage and from the soil.”

In order to fix this, you do not need to prune your hydrangeas or cut the whole flower off in order to save the plant.

Vas said that all you needed was a pair of scissors, and joked that “you don’t even need a hairdressing qualification to do this.”

He said: “The thing is, you don’t need to cut this flower off if you don’t like the look of it. We’re just going to give it a little trim to save it, and it will be as good as gold.”

Vas showed off the dark brown part of his white hydrangeas, and said: “Do you see the windburned areas? I’m just going to snip them off then your (hydrangea) will look really nice and clean.

“You don’t need to take the whole flowerhead off. You can then enjoy your hydrangea looking nice and white again. “

In the comment section, fellow gardeners praised Vas for his easy gardening trick as well as his beautiful hydrangeas and his “healthy plants.”

One user said: “Oh my god they are beautiful! Thank you for the help!”

Another person wrote: “Wow they look stunning!”

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