‘I chose money over morals’ – Rubi Rose

‘I chose money over morals’ – Rubi Rose...Continue The Full Reading.

American rapper and adult content creator, Rubi Rose, has stated that she chose money over having morals.
Flaunting bundles of dollars via her Instagram story, Rose boasted that some ladies settled for morals but she on the other hand, chose millions of dollars.

“Yo b*tch got morals…. I got millions [smiling emoji]”

Recall that Rubi Rose disclosed in December 2023 that an obsessive Onlyfans member tattooed her face on his body after spending over $62,000 on her Onlyfans page in one month.

Rose is currently dating comedian and actor, Druski.

The couple recently went public with their romance.…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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