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I Don’t Even Know Who The PDP Secretary Is, So What Am I Still Doing In That Party? – According to George Alabo




One of the well-known members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who recently made news was Hon. Emeni George Alabo, a respected member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, who chose to defect to the All Progressives Congress (APC). Hon. Alabo clarified the key elements that shaped his choice in an exclusive interview with Channels Television, focusing mainly on the PDP’s internal strife.

Hon. Alabo brought up the significant difficulties the House of Assembly in Rivers State is facing in the interview with Channels Television tonight, emphasizing how urgent it is to resolve these problems. He voiced worries about the challenges of creating efficient channels of communication between the PDP at the state level and the national leadership, especially in light of the party’s current hardships.

In his own words as seen on Channels Television tonight…

“We have a case in Abuja and in another federal high court in Lagos as concerning the secretaryship of our party. I spoke to press men earlier and I told them that few weeks ago we desperately tried to reach the secretariat of our party and we could not. As I speak to you, I can’t tell you who the secretary of my party is. That’s the most functional office of any political party and if I can’t even have correspondence with my party, then what am I still doing in that party?”

“We’ve been in the eye of the storm for a few weeks now and then there’s no communication from the PDP at the national level. What kind of party is that? Rivers State has been in the news for some time now, the house of assembly has been bullied, we’ve been suppressed and repressed, our chambers burnt down, our members are being intimidated, the official residence of Mr. speaker was brutally attacked by hired thugs.

As I speak to you, there’s been no communication from the party I once called my party. So 27 members came together and we said to ourselves that we cannot continue this. And then the constitution in section 109 allows us to move to another party.”

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