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“I Have Told You Before That When Somebody Says He Has PhD In Mathematics, Don’t Be Deceived” According to Pastor Adeboye




Pastor E. A. Adeboye recently offered some insightful observations on the nature of knowledge in a YouTube video, making a strong comparison between God’s omniscience and human skill. The well-known preacher recently advised against reading too much into academic titles, stressing that a Ph.D. in a certain subject—for example, mathematics—does not necessarily mean that the bearer has mastered all facets of that topic.

The pastor illustrated his point by envisioning a scenario where a person claims to have a Ph.D. in Mathematics. When pressed for specifics by colleagues, the individual narrows it down to “Applied Maths.” Further inquiries reveal a specialization in “Hydrodynamics.” Pastor Adeboye utilized this analogy to highlight the vastness of knowledge within a single subject and the need for humility in acknowledging the limitations of human expertise.

According to him, “I have told you before that when somebody says he has PhD in Mathematics, don’t be deceived. It doesn’t mean that he knows all Mathematics. If he is among his colleagues they will ask him, what aspect of Mathematics? He will say; Applied Maths.” If they went further to ask; what aspect of Applied Maths? He will say; Hydrodynamics. Thus, God is the omniscience of all subjects. And in him we can find divine wisdom to excel.”

The central theme of the message revolves around the boundless wisdom of God, who, in Pastor Adeboye’s perspective, is the omniscient source of knowledge encompassing all subjects. He emphasized that individuals seeking excellence should turn to God for divine wisdom, drawing parallels between the nuanced specializations within academic disciplines and the comprehensive understanding found in the divine.

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