“I Have Used 2.5GB”: Nigerian Lady Doing 168-Hour Indoor-Thon Begs for Recharge Card, Data

A Nigerian lady who kick-started a 168-hour indoor-thon has appealed to Nigerians to come to her aid..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In a video, the determined lady revealed that she had already squandered the 2.5GB she subscribed to

However, many Nigerians who watched her video advised her to abort the mission since she lacked the resources to carry on

A Nigerian lady, Funmi Ojelade, who started her 168-hour indoor-thon on July 15, is pleading for help as her 2.5 gig data is running out.

She embarked on the indoor-thon to break the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent indoors…..CONTINUE READING

Lady who started 168-hour indoor-thon begs for data

Ojelade, who has been streaming her indoor-thon on social media, pleaded with Nigerians to come to her aid and buy her data subscription.

She said:

“Help a sister! My 2.5gig data I did is going down. Please Nigerians come and help me and buy sub.”

The Guinness World Record aspirant has been documenting her experience on social media.

She has been sharing updates live on her TikTok page. Ojelade’s indoor-thon will end on July 21.

Reactions as lady who began indoor-thon begs for sub

As Ojelade’s data stock runs low, netizens question why she wasn’t well prepared before embarking on the journey.

@gylliananthonette said:

“Why is this country not on Netflix yet?”

@mosh_creations said:

“In all you getting in this life please get data, Data-a-thon is very important.”

@sharonofficial126 reacted:

“Una don use this as new format to beg money online joblessness.”

@_iamuzi reacted:

“As you start you no put data for your budget?”

@the_savage_dj said:

“Una go wan dey do rubbish-a-thon Una no dey prepare for am lellellellel Una no go meet hilda make she do seminar for all of una.”

veraa commented:

“I thought she said no internet? & why is this country not on Netflix?”

@paulagram_ reacted:

“A country where cost of living rises above meridian sea every Thour, na Guinness Record go suffer am.”

@clarksonbbecca reacted;

“Please what season of “what has Nigeria turned to” are we watching now?”

@pambolabola reacted:

“I just feel like Nigeria is a youtube channel in one realm or even heaven sef and they’re watching us because kini gbogbo rubbish yi.”

&samariabub_ reacted:

“She honestly needs that rest to enable her gain weight l think.”

@tosinjuls said:

“I’ve been doing this indoor-A-ton since pandemic time. Omo I suppose don collect my award o.”

@ladyque commented:

“This country na seasonal movie.”

@mva iesus reacted:

“I think I can win this one.”

@soltwins_ reacted:

“Nigerians should learn how to solve problems in this country and leave the irrelevant things.”

@racheal_agho commented:

“Una suppose get shame, one done blind bcos he cry for 72 hours oloriburuku.”

@olutomisarah 7h

“You don’t need data, you need food.”

@gemini__ reacted:

“You no get uncapped you won run marathon & na why them say cut coat accordingly.”

@geebhag reacted:

“It’s the accent for me.”

Watch the video below:

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