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‘I haven’t received salary in 2 yrs, my wife has no official car’ – Gov Soludo

Governor Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State said that the state had not given him a salary in two years.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Governor Soludo emphasized his commitment to good financial management during his administration’s second anniversary celebration at Awka’s International Convention Center.

He underlined that his administration prioritizes prudent investment in essential sectors such as healthcare, infrastructure, and education.

Furthermore, he promised full disclosure of the government’s borrowing and repayment arrangements.

Gov Soludo As quoted by The Nigerian Tribune, he said: ”Any governor that comes floods you with offers for borrowing and so on and so forth, but we decided for the first two years to demonstrate something, capacity to do more with less.

“And so far as has been said, for two years, despite receiving about 25 per cent in real terms or in dollar terms of what was in the past, we have chosen deliberately not to borrow.”

“As I speak to you, I am not taking any salary, I am not paid any salary by Anambra State government. Even the First Lady of Anambra don’t have any official car, she still drives my personal vehicles.”

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