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I managed to make my roses bloom profusely using 36p food scrap and it worked a treat

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My David Austin rose was planted last winter when it was dormant and I potted it into a terracotta pot before letting it grow over the winter and spring months.

It blossomed slightly during the spring, but they quickly disappeared and I was disappointed that the gorgeous fuchsia flowers were not reappearing.

After fertilising the plant as well as deadheading, they started to make an appearance, but it wasn’t until I used banana peel that they came back in huge numbers.

According to John Dempsey, a gardening expert at Housetastic, applying two to three banana peels to the soil will provide a “huge advantage” for newly planted roses.

The expert told “You should put a chopped banana in the bottom of the hole before insetting the plant and mixing the rest with compost and soil around the new plant.”

Gardeners can also use the food scrap while the plant is in active growth to provide potassium to the soil, enriching it and encouraging blooms to flourish.

Banana peel can provide several different benefits which many plants need to survive.

This includes potassium which can help to boost the immune system of roses. According to the pro, it can also prevent them from having weak-looking stems and dull green leaves.

The fruit also contains calcium, iron, copper and manganese, proving they’re not just useful for human consumption.

John continued: “Watering the soil thoroughly afterwards will aid in the breakdown of the peels and will support new growth.

“Putting a banana peel on the ground near the base of a rose plant is the simplest way to increase potassium levels.

“Chopping the peel first reduces the time it takes for the peel to degrade, allowing the potassium to reach your plants sooner.”

I had two banana peels to use on my soil and I regularly swapped them out to prevent bugs and animals from being attracted to the rose plant.

After placing the peel around the roots, I made sure to slightly cover them by loosening the soil before watering them.

Using the peel has massively improved the appearance of my rose which now has more than 10 large blooms.

If gardeners don’t have roses to enjoy the banana peel, it is recommended to put it into the compost bin, to avoid waste.

This will also help to improve the “richness” of the compost for all garden plants.

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