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“I met Mohbad already embalmed in the local way with a soaked cloth”- Late Mohbad’s father reveals



Joseph Aloba, the father of late award-winning singer Mohbad, shared his son’s tragic death on the Brekete Family show.……CONTINUE READING>>>

He revealed that his son was already embalmed with a soak cloth before being informed of his death. When he arrived at his house, he found his lifeless body under the staircase.

“I received a call from Mohbad’s mother at 4 p.m. She said our son is sick and I should come immediately. She said he was already well and we should go back home. As an elderly person and as a father, based on what he has been hearing, I told his mother that he was already dead. For over 10 minutes his mother held me tightly, and I told her it was what he got that had killed him.

I said let’s go back home and when we got there, it was already 10 pm. When I got there, people were already plenty. I just entered his house and went straight to the room where we always meet, but when I got there, I saw a bedsheet that had already been soaked in blood….WATCH.THE FULL VIDEO HERE

When I saw his body, which was already under the staircase, I saw that he was already embalmed in a local way”..….CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>> 

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