I scare men away by making financial demands – Peju Johnson

Peju Johnson has shared her ‘code’ for keeping men she is not interested in away from her...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The actress cum filmmaker said she asks them for money and it usually keeps them away.

Actress and movie producer, Peju Johnson, has shared her thoughts about women who make financial demands from men who desire to date them

Speaking in an interview with the Punch, Peju Johnson said she detests such but can also make such demands, depending on the circumstances.

The actress claimed that the tactic she uses to keep unwanted suitors away from her is to make financial demands from them.

Peju Johnson said:

“I wouldn’t say it’s right (to make financial demands from men). But, I like to chase men away (from me) by making financial demands.

For example, after telling some men that one is not interested in a relationship with them, they would still keep sending one lots of messages daily, professing how they love and care for one, even when most of what they are saying are lies.

Many of them, especially married men just want to sleep with one. That can be disturbing and exhausting for me. So, instead of blocking them, I use financial demands to chase them away. One won’t see their ‘brake light’ after that.”

Meanwhile, Big Brother Naija reality star, Abiri Oluwabusayo Khloe has vowed that she will never have sex with any man for financial benefits.

She also said she has never been in a relationship, quickly adding that her relationship with her exes ceased to exist from the minute they broke things off.

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